All- Organic Based
Lawn and Garden Care for Central California

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Why go organic?

There are at least four good reasons to convert to organic landscaping methods.

  1. It's better for your landscape. Frequent applications of chemical fertilizer and excessive water lead to shallow- rooted plants that are less able to resist disease, pests and even competition from weeds.  Organic methods lead to plants with deeper, more fibrous roots and natural resistance to pests, disease and drought.

  2. It's better for your family and pets.  There's no reason more important than this.  In 2001, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested 9000 Americans and found pesticides- or the products created when the body breaks them down- in all 9000 subjects.  Our bodies absorb chemicals in a variety of ways, including through our skin, and the same goes for pets.  The symptoms of exposure are varied- and can include rashes, headaches, cold symptoms, etc.  Even if your family and pets have never shown symptoms, why risk it when you dont need to?  

  3. It's better for the Earth.  According to the EPA, Americans apply over 100 million pounds of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to their lawns each year- and that figure doesn't even include chemical fertilizers.  Yikes!  These hazardous products find their way into our groundwater, rivers and streams.  The craziest part is that most of these products are absolutely not needed in the first place.

  4. It saves money versus "conventional" gardening.   Working against natural processes is expensive. Lawns and other plants become "addicted" to chemical gardening.  The more you use, the more you need.  For instance, when you apply chemical fertizer to fescue lawns, they become much more susceptible to fungus, which then requires an application of fungicide.  The chemical you spray on your roses to kill the aphids may also be killing ladybugs and lacewings- which actually will make aphid infestations worse and more frequent in the long run.  Then there's the cost of water- most customers reduce their water usage by 20-40% over conventional gardening.   Organic gardening saves money by making nature's processes work for you.

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