All- Organic Based
Lawn and Garden Care for Central California

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For Commercial Clients

Organic landscaping isn't just for homeowners.  More and more commercial properties are taking advantage of the benefits of organic gardening.    Deeper soil, healthier plants, and  decreased water usage are particularly important for very large properties. 

We are the valley's largest installer of ETWater systems- the amazing irrigation controller technology that saves customers 20 to 50% off their irrigation costs.  When used in combination with organic strategies to strengthen and deepen roots, water savings can really add up.

As with residential customers, our process for commercial properties begins with a soil test, which allows us to develop a strategy specific to the site.  We will then begin to adjust the pH, nitrogen, and trace minerals to encourage maximum growth of the beneficial microbes that help make plants more pest, disease and drought resistant.  
Some of our region's most recognizable  commercial landscapes already use our organic  services  with award- winning results.
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